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AZU azultec 5. Mar 2019 - 20. Oct 2019

They want to offer you the easiest way to earn crypto currencies. In order to do that, theycreated the azultec Cube, a state-of-the-art mining computer. With the Cube, you can earn crypto currencies through mining, by being part of our decentralized cloud storage solution and by joining our cloud computing network. The best part: the Cube uses renewable energy and recuperates the generated heat – making the Cube environmental-friendly!

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Discoin 1 OCT 2019 - 30 NOV 2019

"In a world where customers are connected 24/7 and where consuming habits have completely shifted, turning to digital has become a necessity, as much as an opportunity, for small businesses. However, most of these businesses are late in their digital transformation and usually for 3 reasons : they don't have enough financial resources, they don't have enough time or human resources and/or they simply don't know where to start or how to do it... And that is exactly why Discodery is such a unique solution! When subscribing to our model, our customers gain access to an affordable (9,90$/month excluding discounts and promotions), all-in-one (website + mobile app + management software with over 50 key features to optimize their business) and fully-serviced solution, meaning we take care of everything for them - from design to development, publication, maintenance and security.

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Fieldcoin 8 OCT 2019 - 12 FEB 2020

Fieldcoin's mission is to bring the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects while creating a stable transaction instrument to ease the process of land and agribusiness acquisition. Fieldcoin Ltd will integrate land ownership into its eco-system and monetize land property on the blockchain using ERC721 tokens. Fieldcoin ERC20 holders will have access to full land ownership on the platform and will be able to buy, sell and exchange their properties while choosing the crops to be planted and the management type of their farmland at a distance.

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ELAD Network 10 OCT 2019 - 10 DEC 2019

By harnessing the power of Blockchain, smart contract and artificial intelligence technology, ELAD Network has developed a platform where anyone, anywhere in the world can invest as little as £50 into a property be it in London, Miami or Dubai. It is now possible to apply digital currency to pretty much anything through Blockchain technology and the mere fact that real estate is the world’s largest asset class lends to reason that inevitably, fractionalising this asset is by far the most lucrative investment anyone can make no matter how small the initial investment may be.

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Crypto-Potential 20 OCT 2019 - 15 NOV 2019

A solution of quality control for blockchain projects through achievements that are relevant in the crypto space (verified team, analyzed market, compliant token, etc.). These achievements are represented as crypto badges and qualify projects to mine QCP tokens weekly with no computing power. QCP tokens can then be used to unlock the best deals with our quality blockchain service providers.

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Geco.one 1 DEC 2019 - 31 MAR 2020

Geco.one is a platform that enables you to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Our flagship service, called PAMM account, allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting your resources to experienced traders as well as providing you with all the tools necessary to become a crypto-trader yourself.

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Bitwala 1 DEC 2019 - 31 DEC 2019

Bitwala, the only bank merging banking, crypto and tokenised assets. Our STO is a German Security Token that will be fully compliant with the EU prospectus regulation, pending BaFin approval. The future of finance is tokenised and we intend to become the gateway to digital assets for everyone. .

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