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Odee.Exchange, One of the best decentralized trading platforms for cryptocurrencies

What is odee? In essence, odee is a smart contract running on the Ethereum Blockchain. The contract manages all client funds. To trade, buy , sell cryptocurrency, the site is characterized by Ease of use , speed, and safety With excellent staff You must deposit funds into the contract and then place an order. https://www.odee.com/ Smart contract interface. Anyone can interact with the contract directly, without going through the website. The site is provided as an interface that displays information appropriately and prepares instructions to send it to the contract to perform an operation. The user only needs to sign the transaction from his wallet.

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SwitchDex, the New Decentralized Digital Exchange Makes Trading Simpler Than Ever

SwithDex is a decentralized exchange running on the Ethereum blockchain. SwitchDex has no restrictions on limits, no restrictions on jurisdictions, and of course no user information is collected.

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(ICO) Crypto-Potential 20 OCT 2019 - 15 NOV 2019 CREDIBILITY IS HIGH

Did you know that according to research 90% of company activities are not profitable nor rewarding? This means that only 10% are (sales and fundraising). Everything else like compliance, qualified team, MVP, market analysis, etc. is not. Crypto-Potential is changing that by using the power of blockchain technology and introducing the proof-of-achievement system. This means that quality blockchain companies can mine QCP tokens for community-relevant achievements. Companies are verified and for each achievement, they get a crypto badge which qualifies them to mine QCP tokens with no computing power. This is beneficial for them not only because they get tokens but also because they lower their company costs up to 70%.

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(ICO) ELAD Network 10 OCT 2019 - 10 DEC 2019 CREDIBILITY IS HIGH

ELAD Network is a Real Estate platform with a difference. By taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership any property can be divided into different sized chunks that provide investment opportunities from £50 to £50,000. There will be a monthly return on the profit which is directly relational to the size of the investment. Our mission is to cut the costs and improve the efficiency of Real Estate transactions giving everyone the opportunity to buy, sell and invest in property and gain access to the property ladder with a turnaround unseen until now. ELAD Network combines Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence technology to create a Cryptocurrency and a Real Estate platform that will give everyone access to the liquidity of the Real Estate the world’s largest asset class.

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